Booking flights is easier than ever with flights available to buy and compare online. However, we understand it can get a bit overwhelming to decide the best route or timings for your journey.

Our staff are always available to support you and provide travel advice. They have in-depth knowledge about the countries we work in and can advise what the most popular travel routes usually are!

Frequently Asked Questions about Flights

Here are the most frequently asked questions about booking flights, along with our answers. If you need to know anything more, please feel free to get in touch with us. We will email back quickly or we would be happy to speak to you directly.

What is my destination airport?

You can find your destination airport for each project on your MYProjectsAbroad Page or by asking your Destination Expert once you have applied. In some destinations, you can choose to fly to an alternative airport for an extra fee. 

If I can’t fly non-stop, will I have enough time for my connecting flights?

Yes. Travel agents will only book flights with connections guaranteed by the airlines. If there are weather-related or other delays, you will be booked on the next available flight. If that happens you should call our in-country emergency number to let us know when to meet your new flight at the airport.

What if I need to change my flights?

No problem! All you need to do is contact your travel agent and they will make all the necessary changes on your behalf. Changing your flights will incur penalties and possibly a fare difference. They’ll let you know the exact amount before finalising any changes.

What will my baggage allowance be?

The amount of luggage you can take with you depends on each airline and booking class. Your travel agent will let you know the allowance while working on your flight itineraries.

Can I choose my seats?

Maybe. This depends on the airline you are flying with. Some allow pre-arranged seating while others don’t assign seats until the day of the flight.

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