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Coaching Soccer in Togo

Si te interesa un proyecto en este destino, contáctanos antes de registrarte.

  • UBICACIÓN: Lomé, capital de Togo
  • ROL: Supervisar a las sesiones de entrenamiento de los niños para ayudarles a mejorar sus habilidades y técnica.
  • TAMAÑO DEL GRUPO: 20 – 60
  • ALOJAMIENTO: Familia de acogida
  • PRECIO:   dólares americanos
  • ¿QUÉ ESTÁ INCLUIDO? Comida, alojamiento, viaje desde y hacia el aeropuerto especificado, seguro, transporte desde y hacia el proyecto donde trabajarás, página web personal, introducción y orientación, apoyo 24/7
  • ¿QUÉ NO ESTÁ INCLUIDO? Vuelos, costo de la visa, gastos individuales
  • DURACIÓN: Mínimo de 2 semanas
  • FECHA DE INICIO: Flexible

Volunteer to Coach Soccer in Togo

Soccer is by far the most popular sport in West Africa, with many local people closely following the English Premier League. In Togo you will see children playing soccer all over Lomé. Often children will not have proper footwear and the field may be a patch of dust, but the enthusiasm for playing is huge. For some talented children soccer offers an escape from poverty, but for all children who play it gives them the opportunity to develop team skills and keep active and healthy. Most of all it gives the children a chance to socialise and have some fun!

Volunteers on our soccer projects in Togo help young players to develop their basic skills and techniques as they strive to achieve the success of West African soccer stars like Emmanuel Adebayor or Michael Essien!

Coach Soccer to Children with Projects Abroad

Volunteers working at our soccer projects in Togo work with two soccer teams sponsored by Projects Abroad called Projects Abroad Stars. The two teams are split up by age. The younger team has children up to 14 years old and the older team up to 17 years old.

The players have a variety of different abilities, providing you, the volunteer, with a large amount of diversity to your work. The teams use two training fields, both within the central area of Lomé.

When schools are in session, the teams meet on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday evenings. During school breaks, the teams meet on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday in the mornings and on Saturday afternoons. Therefore, depending on when you join this project it can be combined with one of our other projects like Teaching or Care.

Your Role Volunteering Abroad on a Soccer Project in Togo

During your time as a Sports volunteer in Togo you will assist the two local coaches with all aspects of working with a team. Many training sessions will focus on skills and techniques. You will help co-ordinate and plan activities to develop skills such as ball control, accurate passing, and keeping possession. You will also be able to help by assisting with refereeing games. If you have your own ideas for developing the program, or experience in a particular area, this will be well received. If you play soccer yourself you can also take part in the drills and scrimmages.

When you get to Togo, you will be introduced to the children and the coaches. Don’t worry if you have little or no coaching experience; the coaching staff are dedicated to the teams and very open to volunteers, so will help you in any way they can. As a foreigner, your very presence will help to make each practice fun – which is vital to maintaining the interest and enthusiasm of the children.

There may also be the possibility to start sessions for other sports, such as volleyball, if you want to do some extra coaching.