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Voluntarios Entrenan Atletismo en el Extranjero

Coaching Track & Field Abroad

Training exercises at a Sports placement abroad.

Volunteers with a passion for Track and Field can coach sport throughout the world with Projects Abroad. As a Track and Field coach, you can encourage children and teenagers to keep fit and develop their talents. Whether you are on a gap year, vacation, or a career break, you can get involved by teaching children and teenagers in schools and working alongside talented athletes at local sports centers.

As a Track and Field volunteer, you will have the opportunity not only to watch your students’ athletic ability flourish, but also to develop your own personal skills as an athlete. You will gain a great deal of practical teaching experience, as well as the experience of living abroad in a different culture.

How Can I Volunteer to Coach Track and Field Abroad?

Teenage students do exercises before their track & field session at school.

You do not need any previous coaching experience to volunteer on a Track and Field project as long as you are energetic, enthusiastic, and eager to share your love of Track and Field with children and young adults abroad. Volunteers work alongside skilled local professionals, who will be on hand to help you if you have questions or problems. They will be happy to share their experience with you, and you can build a good relationship by sharing your own techniques and experiences.

Outside of work, you have the chance to explore surroundings and culture different to your own, along with other members of the Projects Abroad volunteer community.