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Teach English Abroad in Samoa

  • TIPOS DE ESCUELAS: Primaria y secundaria
  • ROL: Profesor o profesor asistente (inglés, matemáticas, ciencias, deportes).
  • ACTIVIDADES EXTRA-CURRICULARES: Arte, teatro, IT, música, deportes
  • ALOJAMIENTO: Familia de acogida
  • PRECIO:   dólares americanos
  • ¿QUÉ ESTÁ INCLUIDO? Comida, alojamiento, viaje desde y hacia el aeropuerto especificado, seguro, transporte desde y hacia el proyecto donde trabajarás, página web personal, introducción y orientación, apoyo 24/7
  • ¿QUÉ NO ESTÁ INCLUIDO? Vuelos, costo de la visa, gastos individuales
  • DURACIÓN DEL PROYECTO: Desde 4 semanas
  • FECHAS DE INICIO: Flexibles

Teaching English in the South Pacific with Projects Abroad

Volunteering as a teacher in Samoa with Projects Abroad is a great way to get involved in the local community. You can gain valuable teaching experience without any previous qualifications, and you are not required to have undergone TEFL training.

Whether you are volunteering during a gap year, summer abroad, or as a volunteer vacation, the impact you have on the lives of your students will be obvious. You will also be part of the larger Projects Abroad volunteer network, which is making a lasting positive contribution to the wider community.

Samoa is becoming increasingly urbanized and speaking good English is essential for getting a good job, both in the booming tourist industry and in other areas of business.

Teaching English in Samoa with Projects Abroad

Projects Abroad Samoa volunteer plays a game with children at her placement in Apia.

Projects Abroad is based in Apia, the capital of Samoa on the island of Upolu. Volunteers work in primary and secondary schools in and around Apia.

English is one of Samoa’s official languages, (Samoan is the other) and it is a major educational goal to make all Samoans bilingual. All lessons are taught in English by midway through primary school.

The class sizes can often be large in Apia, with up to 65 students in a class, so your help will be appreciated. As a volunteer teacher you will often start by working alongside the local Samoan staff to help improve conversational English. Through assisting with English lessons and introducing fun and interactive ways of learning, like games and songs you can improve the student’s enthusiasm and develop their confidence. They are sure to be interested in you and your life, and you can take advantage of this to get them talking in English about a wide variety of topics.

The teachers and children also appreciate volunteers who are happy to teach some sports. Cricket and rugby are particularly popular. If you have any other interests or subjects you would like to teach – such as math, science, IT, or art - we can match you to a school where you can incorporate these skills.

Puedes leer información más detallada sobre los objetivos de este proyecto en nuestro Plan de Gestión de Enseñanza en Samoa (versión en inglés).

Si deseas participar como Profesional Voluntario, por favor visita nuestra página de Proyectos para Profesionales, para obtener mayor información.